Recent Events:

May 26 Ann Arbor, Michigan. Encore performance by Benoit Pioulard during a screening of "Meshes Of The Afternoon" at Ann Arbor Film Society called "Hott Lava" (curated by Forest Juziuk and Erin Bratkovich).

April 23 New York City. Benefit curated by filmmaker Bill Morrison for Jonas Mekas'Film-Makers' Cooperative. Kranky Records artist Benoit Pioulard performed an original score accompanying Meshes Of The Afternoon. Philip Glass and Bill Frisell also performed that night.

April 5, 2007, Sandviken Sweden. Experimental Program of Contemporary Art Special Focus on Maya Deren,
KONSTHALLEN presents a series of arrangments with focus on sound, poetry, video och performance art.

Maya Deren (1917-1961) is a seductive film legend who still fascinates spectators of all ages. As a 26 year old she made her first film in 1943, Meshes of the Afternoon, with her husband Alexander Hammid. It can be regarded as a challenge to Hollywood with its short, tight, and intensive iconography. "My films cost what Hollywood spend on lipstick", declared Deren.She was not content with a linear career and embarked for Haiti to film dance and ritual. Maya Deren's films and her lectures at art schools for young students will be presented in a program by film expert Moira Sullivan, Sweden's leading expert on the avantgarde filmmaker.
Free entrance.Maya Deren BRUS

The Star and Shadow Cinema" in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

THURS 8TH MARCH Tonight's event both highlights, Celebrates and draws from the inspiring legacy of Maya Deren.

6pm - 8pm 'Lets Get Physical Rarefaction Dance Film Night' Experimental dance film works from North East based artists featuring the premiere of 'Self Placed' by Wendy Erickson, also live dance performance by MOTHER and sound duo Chikon.

8pm - 8.30pm Meshes of the Afternoon (1943), 16min, dvd Dir: Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid. Accompanying instrumental by Steve Malley and Joanne Burke.

8.30pm - 10pm In The Mirror of Maya Deren (2001) Dir: Martina Kudlacek,103 min, 35mm Maya Deren is one of the most important avant-garde filmmakers in the history of American cinema. In this feature-length documentary about Deren's life and art, filmmaker Martina Kudlacek weaves together archival footage and contemporary interviews with Deren's collaborators and friends to present a portrait of a female artist possessed with glorious vision.

THURSDAY 15TH MARCH - MIRRORS OF MAYA Maya Deren Retrospective 1943-58, 16mm A rare chance to see an in-depth collection of Maya Deren films. Often called the mother of American experimental film, Maya Deren was also an accomplished anthropologist, photographer, journalist and dancer. Her experimental films will haunt and amaze.

7pm - 8.30pm

MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON (1943), 14min Dir: Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid. Screenplay: Maya Deren. Cast: Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid. Music: Teiji Ito. B&W.

AT LAND (1944), 14min Dir: Maya Deren. Cast: John Cage, Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid. B&W.

A STUDY IN CHOREOGRAPHY FOR THE CAMERA (1945) Dir: Maya Deren. Cast: Talley Beatty. 3 mins, silent, B&W.

RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME (1946) Dir: Maya Deren. Cast: Rita Christiani, Maya Deren. 14 mins, B&W, silent

MEDITATION ON VIOLENCE (1948) Dir: Maya Deren. Cast: Chao Li Chi. Music: Teiji Ito.

THE VERY EYE OF NIGHT (1958) Dir: Maya Deren. Assistant director: Harrison Starr III. Screenplay: Maya Deren. Music: Teiji Ito.

9pm - 10.20pm

WITCH'S CRADLE (1943) Out-takes, a rare screening. Dir: Maya Deren. Cast: Marcel Duchamp, B&W (incomplete), 16mm, 10min

WATER FOR MAYA, STAN BRAKHAGE USA, 2000, silent, colour, 5 mins, 16mm

DIVINE HORSEMEN: THE LIVING GODS OF HAITI (1985), 55min Original footage shot by Deren (1947-1954). Reconstruction by Teiji & Cherel Ito. '...the most eloquent tribute to the irrefutable reality, and impact of Voudoun mythology'.' - Michael O'Pray.

February 15, 16, 17, 2007, Rockland NEW YORK, TEKHNIKOS
SUNY Rockland Community College Performing Arts and the Campus Players are pleased to present TEKHNIKOS, a dance and technology concert. The event, which will be performed over three nights, combines live dance with technological elements in order to create a unique visual experience for the audience. The concert will also feature historical examples of dance technology innovators such as experimental film pioneer Maya Deren.

For RCC students, the concert is an important aspect of their educational experience. In addition to hours spent rehearsing, they also learned how to collaborate with other professionals including choreographers and lighting designers. Said faculty dance instructor and organizer, Dr. Nancy Kane, "Through this experience, students have learned to work with each other, to push themselves to achieve the goals of the group, to respect differences, and to resolve conflicts. As we get closer to the concert, they will learn how to deal with last minute changes that sometimes arise and which can may affect their dance steps and choreography."

TEKHNIKOS will be performed at 8:00 p.m. on February 15, 16, 17, 2007 at the Cultural Arts Center Theatre on the SUNY Rockland Community College campus. It is open to all members of the community. Tickets are available at the door and a donation of $8.00 is suggested, $5.00 for students and seniors. Proceeds raised from the performances will benefit the RCC Department of Performing Arts, the Campus Players, and Nu Delta Alpha, the dance honor society.

Contact information: Dr. Nancy Kane SUNY Rockland Community College 145 College Road Suffern, NY 10901 914-420-2545